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Name : Fazreen

Age : 13 yrs old [15-2014]
Adress : Kota Bharu, Kelantan : Fried Rice
Fav.drink : Milo ais, Oren
Birthday : 13 November 1999
Born of place : Hospital Kota Bharu
Hobbies : Sleep, Watching any scary Movies
Ambition : Millionaire
Fav.colour : Green, Pink, Black, White, and Grey
Fav.animal : cats only
Friend : Who love me? She/He was my friend :D

Allah s.w.t
Rasulullah s.a.w
My parents

The one that make me annoy
The one that judge people
The one that thinks she/he perfect
The one that destroy people life
The one that hate her/his Allah
The one that blame people
The one that like to mencarut
The one that 24hours angry
The one that destroy people happiness
The one that play her/his emotion
"Sometimes the heart can sees what is invisible to the eyes".

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